We are farmers. We produce the healthiest fruits and veggies that nature can grow.

Our mission

Produce the healthiest food that nature can grow

Regenerative agriculture means that we need to manage our farms differently, focusing on soil and plant health to reduce costs, improve fruit quality and productivity by:

  • Reducing agrochemical inputs
  • Enhancing photosynthesis, nutrient cycling, efficient water use
  • Diversifying species in the system

Deliver a positive impact on our environment

Regenerative agriculture means that we need to fix the ecosystems on our farms by:

  • Capturing as much CO2 as possible through photosynthesis
  • Reinventing our production, packaging and delivery processes to minimise energy use and carbon emissions

Inspire change across the food industry

Regenerative agriculture means that we need to offer a scalable and attractive model to fix ecosystems on a global scale by:

  • ­Generating competitive returns
  • Reviewing customer strategy to achieve the true value of a regenerative fruit (customer base, branding and communication)
  • Sharing information about our processes and outcomes (agronomic, financial, …)



The Fruit Farm Group was created at the end of 2014 by the shareholders of UNIVEG (now GREENYARD). Its objective was to provide a number of UNIVEG companies with farming, packaging and export activities; the financial means to unlock their full potential.

The Fruit Farm Group’s operations are geographically spread over seven countries and three continents, and have a diversified product portfolio. They are currently growing some of the most sought-after fruit varieties and benefit from guaranteed market access through a sales, marketing and distribution agreement with GREENYARD – a global market leader of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables, flowers, plants, and growing media.

All operations have significant improvement and expansion potential, which will lead to incremental output and improved profitability.

Executive management

Viviane Bauters


Vlerick School for Management and Bio-Engineer

— Skills: Team Management and Leadership

— Goal: Aiming for "simply the best"

Kris Onghena


Master in Applied Economics

— Skills: Corporate Finance

— Goal: Create a healthy and sustainable business environment for all stakeholders to develop and grow further

Hein Deprez

Executive Chairman

— Goal: Bringing the vision of a healthier future to life within farming and through the whole fruit and vegetables supply chain.

Farm management

Luciano Azevedo
Managing Director
Costa Rica
Guillermo Jiménez
Interim Managing Director
South Africa
Trevor Dukes
Managing Director
Vincent Bocquillon
Interim Managing Director
The Netherlands
Kenaad Tewarie
Interim Managing Director
Arif Guney
Managing Director
Belit Balci
Deputy Managing Director
Jumil Crouzet
Managing Director

Our Operations